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Zynga Poker
  SpoR, Mar 15 2011

So I've been playing Z Poker lately (the facebook play money poker if you are unfamiliar)

And all the sudden there are all these Indian farmers hitting me up constantly for chips, and sending me fake poorly written message in my inbox telling me to confirm my account before it gets suspended/banned.
So I start fucking with them, they have the most broken retarded engrish and they always say the same kind of shit and their logic is ridiculous sometimes. They are constantly railbirding me asking for chips to which I usually reply to show me their tittiestitties as payment.

Anyways, just like fucking with telemarketers on the phone I get a kick out of talking to them and hearing their responses etc. Here is one from today:

don't click these links in here:

March 15 at 2:32pm Report
Dear, Mike.

We have received reports from our automated system that you have been taking action or by accident that causes you have been reported by other users. http://privacy-policy/

You are required to verify your account at:

If within 1x12 hours you have not yet verified, your Техаѕ НоldЕm Роkег account will be permanently "BANNED".

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you

The Team Техаѕ НоldЕm Роkег

  Mike: get out of here dumb short stack
Mike: go find a shortstack table
Murat is railbird
Murat: mike pls pls pls send me 100k pls pls mike
Murat: pls
Murat: mike
Murat: ok
Murat: pls
Murat: mike
Murat: mike pls pls pls send me 100k pls mike for my limit
Mike: stop spamming me and trying to scam me through my messages
Murat: pls mike
Mike: geta life
Murat: pls send me mike pls send me 100k pls mike
Murat: pls
Murat: pls
Murat: mike
Murat: pls
Murat: you my frend
Murat: pls mike
Murat: pls
Mike: plz plz plz i beg for fake money cause im a poor indian peice of ****
Mike: beg your mother for sex
Murat: beg you mather for sex men
Murat: i F U C K YOU MATHER men
Mike: good men
Mike: go beg her then
Mike: men
Mike: get a life indian trash
Mike: dude this acce guy is so bad and lucky
Onur just sat down
Onur: haha
Onur: f u ck mike hahaha
Mike: sits down with 200k stack and lucks a few pots
Onur: i see 50m
Onur: u re poor
Onur: 10m
Onur: fu ck chips
Mike: ?
Onur: my other account
Onur: 50m
Mike: if u have 2 accounts thats illegal
Mike: reported
Onur: haha
Onur: this report
Onur: f u ck uuu
Onur: hahaha
Onur: 34
Onur: but yu re fold
Onur: 6
These 2 railbirds just showed up at the same time
Nirmala: hi
Sajjad: hello
Sajjad: Mike
Mike: look at these indian scum begging for FAKE MONEY
Mike: all day
Mike: beg ur mmother for sex i told you
Sajjad: who you saying 2
Sajjad: mike
Mike: beg your mother for sex
Mike: sex is also free
Mike: and worthless
Mike: go beg her for it
Sajjad: you saying 2 me
Fale: lol
Sajjad: you mother
Mike: yes 'you mother' beg her for it
Sajjad: fcker i never asked you
Sajjad: i fck ur mom
Mike: U **** UR MOM YES
Sajjad: ur sister
Mike: you will have intimate relations with your mothers hairy snatch
Sajjad: and u 2
Mike: lick the juices
Mike: clean her rectum
Mike: kiss her mouth
Mike: birth your new children
Mike: make them beg for poker chips
Mike: as chores for the day
Mike: like you
Mike: and your father befor you
Sajjad: fck ur mom
Sajjad: y u stared
Sajjad: i never asked u
Sajjad: u motha fcker
Sajjad: if i find u
Mike: so bad
Sajjad: that could b ur last day ov life
Mike: im so scared indian scum
Mike: go back to ur gutter
Sajjad: you don,t know me
Mike: stop using your money to play around in pc cafe
Mike: and work for your money u dumb ass
Mike: get a life
Mike: or die
Sajjad: i hav bussines in uk
Sajjad: you fcker
Sajjad: i fck ur sister
Mike: yea u have a business lmao
Sajjad: and will make her pro]
Mike: what do u sell choes on the dirty corner?
Mike: shoes
Mike: stolen shoes
Sajjad: ur sister puss y
Mike: not even a full pair i bet
Mike: half a pair of dirty old shoes u masturbate into every night
Ted: oh ffs
Sajjad: i had a really fun when i fcked ur younger sister
Mike: so ur a dirty indian gutter ****phile?
Mike: peedophile
Mike: incest ur mom
Mike: blow ur fathers load into your sister
Mike: birth ur new army of chip beggers

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Amusing Thing @ Work Happened Earlier
  SpoR, Mar 14 2009

So last night I popped in the 'Cincinnati Kid' and fell asleep watching it about 70%.
So I decide to bring it to work and finish it in the downtime. I usually never do this.

After a few minutes, a customer walks in and notices I have a Dan Harrington book next to me. He says; "hey, is that a poker book?!", reaches his neck around to look at my screen; "You playing poker back there right now?" he asks. I tell him I'm defaultly watching C. Kid. He thinks that's awesome, and asks me which site I play on. I tell him Poker Stars, he exclaims that he does too. Next he asks me if I play for real money or play money. I tell of course I play for money. His wife then chimes in "oooh!" and he says "Wow, I only do play money".
Later as he leaves, he goes; "Too many flushes on stars huh?". Which had me confused as hell how to respond and was especially funny because I had checked my PT3 records the previous day and saw that the FullHouses, straights, flushes, trips, etc. were all in order.
lol donkey

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Riding the Tilt-a-Whirl
  SpoR, Mar 04 2009

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